Wildlife Organisations

These are some of my favourite organisations that help wildlife and rescue animals!

Queensland Wildlife Artists Society
I am an exhibiting member of this Artists Society, which was established in 1983 in Brisbane, Australia, by a small group of artists interested in fostering the study and appreciation of wildlife art specifically relating to Australia’s unique species.
Our objectives are:
• To engage the general public and to educate them through art, on the importance of preserving Australia’s unique natural heritage, and the imperativeness of environmental sustainability
• To organize and publicise environmentally themed art exhibitions with a large number themed to Australian species.
• To assist young and emerging artists to achieve their potential with access to workshops, demonstrations and mentoring by leading master artists.
• To use exhibitions to increase awareness of species and habitats covering a wide spectrum of flora and fauna that are threatened, from around the world.
• To generate career support and professional development opportunities for artist members.
• To facilitate art sales and commissions to support conservation and artists

Etsy For Animals Team:
I am part of a team of artists and crafters who donate to support their favourite animal charities, or the Charity of the Month, from sales of their work on Etsy.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya
This incredible team of people save baby elephants and rhinos that are orphaned by poaching, accidents, and so on – they rescue them, take care of them, raise them to adulthood and return them to lead wild, natural lives in a protected park. Amazing! My family sponsors 3 baby elephants at this incredible foundation, and will support more – with money raised through sales of my elephant-themed artworks and my father’s elephant photographs. We hope to travel to Kenya in a couple years and visit them!

AnimalWorks, Australia – conservation through education
An organisation of creative people working for conservation of elephants and other species – founded by Tammie Matson, an Australian zoologist who specialises in finding ways to resolve human-elephant conflict, and Nafisa Naomi, a professional artist.

Elephant Nature Foundation, Thailand
Established in 1995, Elephant Nature Park is home to over thirty rescued elephants. Ranging in age from infants to old-timers, these previously abused and neglected creatures are able to live out the rest of their lives in peace and dignity on the Park’s grounds.

Knysna Elephant Park, South Africa
An incredible forest haven for elephants – rescued from different locations, and some born at the park, 12 elephants have formed a close-knit family herd. I had the opportunity to stay here overnight, walk among the elephants, and see how wonderfully these elephants are treated here, and how positively they are trained. “Our commitment to the environment is born of the struggle by the elephants in the Knysna Forests. By committing to create environmental awareness, we help to create a culture of caring for the earth, and unlock employment opportunities for the people of our country.”

RSPCA Queensland, Australia
We adopted our wonderful dog through RPSCA (and Cocker Spaniel Rescue QLD)! “RSPCA Qld is a non-government, community-based charity dedicated to protecting the welfare of all animals – great and small. Approximately 40,000 animals depend on us every year and we depend on your support and donations to continue our life-saving work.”

The Alisa Fund – Moscow, Russia
After trying to save a very ill rescue cat who was abandoned by her owners at a shelter, heartbroken cat-owners in Moscow decided to organise a community fund to help rescued, abused, stray and neglected cats. City life is very harsh for a stray cat in Moscow, and these kind-hearted people raise funds together to rescue, foster, adopt and de-sex as many as they can. I support them whenever I get the chance, through donations from sales of my cat artworks.

The Animal Rescue Site
Clicking daily gives shelter animals food – with money supported by advertisers on this website.