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Nadya Neklioudova – artist profile

I am a 27-year-old photographer and illustrator. I was born in Moscow, Russia, grew up in Atlantic Canada, and am now living in Brisbane, Australia.

I loved to draw and create ever since I could hold a pencil and learned what it’s used for. My childhood dream was to be a biologist like my mother, but as I grew up I realised I not only enjoyed learning about science and the natural world, I also loved seeing, drawing, photographing, and painting it. I am a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University) in Nova Scotia, Canada, where my focus of study was Illustration and Digital Media, with quite a bit of Photography, both film and digital.

I am inspired by all living things, great and small. I can often be found running around with my trusty digital camera, taking pictures of everything from blades of grass, to birds in the sky, to animals in the bush. When it comes to photography, I love watching wildlife for that one perfect moment, and waiting, and observing their behaviour and wild, natural beauty. How animals interact with each other is absolutely fascinating to me. I have watched African elephants at a waterhole for hours on end, and met a wild echidna in the Australian rainforest.

I paint and draw from my own experience of being with nature, seeing animals and living creatures first-hand. Though my style is rooted in the careful study of realism, out of respect for Nature’s beauty, but painting from my own experiences (and my own reference photographs) lets me not only study an animal from all angles, but also strive to portray the personality of an animal, their quirks and expressions. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and media, that is part of the fun and challenge for me as an illustrator.

I am also fascinated by how we humans relate to animals and the natural world – nature-based spirituality, environmental issues, as well as human cultures throughout history and how our own relationship with Nature has evolved. 10% of all sales from my photography and artwork goes to support animal charities, because I want to help make a real difference to the wild world I so love. Thank you for your support.

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