Backyard wildlife encounters

Posted by Nadya on Aug 26, 2011

Been so busy with work (one workplace closed down, and I was transferred to another) that I haven’t been online to blog in a while. Let’s fix that!

After our photo-adventures in Karawatha Forest Park, I have been meaning to post about a wildlife encounter that my husband had a few days after that, here in our backyard:

Carpet Python

I was at work, so I didn’t see this. Charlie (our dog) was barking at something, so my husband went out to see what’s up… and immediately ran in to grab a camera to take photos for me, because this is what he discovered! A gorgeous Carpet Python – a harmless, beautiful snake, common to backyards in Brisbane.

He did call Animal Control because he was afraid someone on the street might confuse it for a poisonous snake and kill it, but they said it’s ok and they live in many Brisbane suburbs… I still wish it was taken somewhere safe, though.

This gorgeous reptile eats rats and mice, and isn’t poisonous to people, so he is more than welcome in our yard! He’s even more welcome to stay in the front yard where Charlie can’t get to him, just in case. Our dog tends to be very curious!

I haven’t seen him yet – but I hope he is around, and safe.

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