Karawatha Forest Park, August 6th 2011

Posted by Nadya on Aug 8, 2011

Due to a recent heel injury, I haven’t really been out and about with my camera much. (I wish I knew how I had injured it, so I wouldn’t do it again!) This weekend I decided that my feet finally felt up to a walk in the forest, so my husband, our dog, and I went to a lovely bushland park nearby – Karawatha Forest Park. I had intended to only go for about an hour, but there were so many paths to take and so many flowering plants to photograph, that an hour turned into nearly three. My feet were not happy – but my soul was definitely refreshed!!! (And our dog was so tired, that he slept for the rest of the day.)

We saw a couple of wallabies hopping past, but they were in dense grass, so very hard to take photos of. All other wildlife probably hid when they heard us coming – so the following are photos of plant life in Karawatha Forest Park.

(Shamefully, I don’t know what most of these plants are called! I have so many animal and bird identification books, but none of native Australian plants…)

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