Posted by Nadya on Jun 1, 2011

I have been absolutely addicted to this website lately – Elephants Without Borders has a webcam set up, run by, at a waterhole in a national park in South Africa.

I miss the hours of watching animals at waterholes in Etosha, Namibia!  There are so many amazing animals visiting this waterhole – I’ve actually been keeping my Guide to South African Mammals on my desk, which I bought in Etosha, and it’s been coming in very handy to identify the different species. There are some that I’m not familiar with and had to look in the guide to identify – Nyalas and Waterbuck, for example.

And oh – the elephants! There are elephants there daily, there’s a pretty good chance of opening the website and finding yourself looking at a beautiful elephant drinking or taking a bath, or a mud-bath, or a dust-bath! Mostly a “herd” of bull elephants seems to hang around this area (similar to the 12 Bulls that were always hanging around my favourite waterhole in Etosha), and some of the bulls that come have magnificent tusks. I hope they have a whole army of rangers protecting them! They are wonderful to watch.


Posted by Nadya on May 28, 2011

Now that this blog has been set up for a couple months, I just realised I haven’t been using it!!! And I do miss blogging!

So I declare to myself: I will use this blog!
I will use it for posting art works in progress, new photographs, and use it to publicly account for the donations I make as a result of my art/photo sales, as a percentage always goes to help animal charities.

I WILL use this blog! :)

How utterly adorable!

Posted by Nadya on Jan 9, 2011

The weather really has been “totally batty”, but looking at the adorable faces of the rescued baby bats in the photographs in this article just made my morning:

Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre director Trish Wimberley and her carers have helped save 130 orphaned bats on the Gold Coast in past weeks

The very serious implication is that there is trouble in the environment for these protected native species.
But I’m happy to know that these babies have been rescued, and I’m picturing a clothesline full of bundled-up batty babies with those big beautiful eyes and can’t help but smile!

Just trying to get this blog working!

Posted by Nadya on Jan 8, 2011

Let’s see what all these buttons do! Still trying to fix things up around here, please stay tuned, and don’t mind the elephants.